More Than Just Music — Spotify’s Podcast Strategy Is Thriving — By Hayden Barnes

The podcast industry is moving, the open podcast system that stood for many years is no more, and the leader in front of it all is, without a doubt, Spotify.

Historically, the podcast market held as the leading free way to listen to broadcasting. Over time this open system has been streamlined. Spotify made many purchases into podcasting businesses, including Gimlet Media, Anchor, Parcast, and the Ringer. Just last year, Spotify made exclusive agreements with several podcast giants, including exclusive rights to the most downloaded podcast in the world at the time, the Joe Rogan Podcast.

Since seeing significant success…

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When we think about improving our healthy lifestyle to be healthier, more productive, and happier, usually the mind reflects on fitness routines or dieting. But the real steps to a healthier lifestyle start at home, in your very own bedroom.

In my quest to learn more about productive living, I formed a list of steps I have taken (or will take) to design my bedroom to reduce stress and anxiety. I am sharing this research list to develop healthier living in my life and for those who read here that want to do the same.


Plants are natural air purifiers…

As a student, getting a credit card was not as easy as my parents made it out to be. And recently, most credit card companies have changed their ways to reflect the CARD Act so that many do not award credit cards to students under 21. The CARD Act of 2009 (Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, And Disclosure Act) requires consumers under the age of 21 to have a cosigner or steady income to obtain a credit card.

Alas, below is a shortlist of credit cards I recommend you check out if you are a student seeking a new credit card…

This article is a direct successor to the recent product review I did on the IOS time-blocking app, Sorted 3. Again I want to state that I have no direct affiliation with the Sorted team. I am only a daily user of this app. Sorted 3 has added an enormous amount of value through effectiveness to my life. Below I continue to share my experience and how I utilize Sorted 3’s functions for total daily productivity.


Elon Musk and “Time-Blocking”

Like previously mentioned, time-blocking is a scheduling method used by professionals to maximize productivity. Those who utilize the time-blocking method know that to maximize…

Determining the long-term value of a party-like driving range company in its early stages is difficult to do. Especially when Topgolf International Inc. was planning to IPO at $4 billion earlier this year but put those plans on hold due to COVID-19. Now, Callaway Golf Co has announced that it plans to buy the remainder of Topgolf Entertainment Holdings.


Bloomberg says the deal values Topgolf at roughly $2 billion, a significant drop from the $4 billion price tag it was searching for in its IPO earlier this year. Callaway, known for its drivers and other golf equipment, already owned about…

Snap Inc surged over 24% after the software company reported well ahead of analysts’ estimates on quarterly revenue and user growth. Snap’s revenue jumped 52% to $678.7 million and reported 249 million daily active users during the quarter.

Winning Streaks

Snap attracted more advertisers this quarter because of a rise in spending and increased usage of mobile devices for communication and entertainment during the pandemic. Snap’s CEO, Evan Spiegel, was pleased with this quarter’s results and noted that the company would be further investing long-term on things including augmented reality for its app.

Specific consumer stats:

- The average number of Snaps created every day…

Before reading this product review, I wanted to state that I have no direct affiliation with the Sorted team. I am only a daily user of the app. I also wanted to say that this is my first ever product review. And I want anyone reading this to know I will only ever recommend products that I have used for more than three months, as I believe I have created a strong enough opinion on said product. And if a said product has provided immense value to my life, I will write about it. …

Let’s paint a picture: Two standalone streaming platforms, one serves users movie and tv content while the other music and podcasts. Each is dominant in their perspective platforms, with more than 100 million subscribers each, and competitors looking to defeat them with any angle. You may have guessed it, but today I am writing about Netflix and Spotify, two digital streaming companies that look very similar on the outside but are entirely different on the inside.

Below, I break down how different Spotify is from Netflix, Spotify’s money-saving playlist algorithm, and exactly how Spotify’s move to buy the popular podcaster…

Two weeks ago, Disney announced that its new streaming service, Disney Plus, had surpassed 50 million subscribers. This news came only a little more than two months following Disney reporting just 28 million subscribers in February.

At the same time, content rival Netflix reported a similar jump in numbers picking up nearly 16 million subscribers over the last quarter. Both of these subscriber jumps are partially due to the extensive government stay-at-home orders brought about because of this year’s COVID-19 pandemic.

While almost doubling its Disney Plus subscribers, many of the major news outlets have failed to mention and carefully…

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Over the past few weeks, America’s “favorite” billionaire started showing up in various media platforms after an old TED talk he gave in March 2015 resurfaced. Just five years ago, Bill Gates shared a fortune most were short of throwing away rather than reread or align themselves and their leadership with.

He said (speaking of a future outbreak), “We’re not ready.”

And Gates was unbelievably right. The coronavirus pandemic will be something that changes the way countries think about mass disease, business, and society for ages to come.

So what has the Microsoft cofounder and problem-solving machine decided to spend…

Hayden Barnes

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